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Playing Chess is considered intelligent by the general public, much like a mathematician or a musician and also a battle of minds, an intellectual contest this is what inspires me.

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Notation for captures

When a piece makes a capture, an x is inserted between the initial and the destination square. For example, Bxe5 (bishop captures the piece on e5). When a pawn makes a capture, the file from which the pawn departed is used in place of a piece initial. For example, exd5 (pawn on the e-file captures the piece on d5). A colon (:) is sometimes used instead, either in the same place the x would go (B:e5) or after the move (Be5:). En passant captures (see pawn) are specified by the capturing pawn's file of departure, the x, and the square to which it moves (not the location of the captured pawn), optionally followed by the notation "e.p."

It is never necessary to specify that a capture was en passant because a capture from the same file but not en passant would have a different destination square. Within the SAN (Standard Algebraic Notation) standard, the "x" capture indication is always required while the "e.p." en passant move suffix indication is always forbidden.

The premise a this series of chess pieces. was to design a chess set that I hope you enjoy Board. images of Origami Models as much as I enjoy making them Chess Thoki and Modular Chess these Fujimoto Hex Box with Pieces Yenn's.

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Origami Chess Set: http://www.josephwu.com/Files//chess. I wonder if Joseph will be developing designs for other chess variant pieces.

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