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3d computer chess games

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EXCELENT(3D this 2D)game." Nedeljko R. "I would highly reccomend downloading or if you want a great chess game to add to your computer.

Computer chess

Garry Kasparov, then ranked number one in the world, played a six-game match against IBM's chess computer Deep Blue in February 1996. Deep Blue shocked the world by winning the first game in Deep Blue - Kasparov, 1996, Game 1, but Kasparov convincingly won the match by winning three games and drawing two.

The six-game rematch in May 1997 was won by the machine (informally dubbed Deeper Blue) which was subsequently retired by IBM. Controversies arose after the match when Kasparov accused IBM of using human intervention, which IBM denied.

It has often been claimed that IBM withheld the computer logs showing Deep Blue's "thinking" but in fact the logs were published shortly after the end of the match.

" Savier D. A great program to play chess against the computer.

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